Rachel Haywood

Rachel Haywood was born onto a remote farm high in the Bolton moors in Lancashire. After growing up near Liverpool, she then moved to York to study Chemistry at York University, and to London to follow a career as a scientist. She has turned out to be creative in a number of fields, including painting, ceramics, writing, and singing as well science. She continues to develop each of these fields hoping that one day one of them will become predominant, but as yet this has not happened, and she enjoys and is passionate about everything she does.

As a self-taught artist, Rachel paints watercolours of beautiful surroundings, usually on holiday, but more recently in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, where she now spends part of the year. She exhibits both in Cumbria and London. She has recently illustrated and written her first children’s books, following a suggestion by a friend when she posted pictures and comments of her two Birman cats “George and Flora” on Facebook. The first book is based on George and Flora’s kittenhood in Middlesex, and the second from the family’s relocation to Cumbria, driving up the M1 and discovery of rural life and encounters with the local wildlife. The adventures of George and Flora are unashamedly anthropomorphic; the cats relate to the humans and communicate with other animals about their feelings and the problems they face.

Rachael Haywood