Richard Blenkinsop

My name is Richard Blenkinsop, a fine artist and illustrator from West Yorkshire. I have a BTEC National Diploma in Art &Design. 18 months ago I decided to promote myself as an artist and have since sold over 75 pictures.

I have had many commissions, ranging from engagement and christening presents to larger pieces for a variety of celebrations. I am also an illustrator for an independent printing company which specialises in children’s gifts. I have also been responsible for the illustrations in a local magazine as well as designing logos and the artwork for bands and other companies. My inspiration is taken mainly from nature and my love of the natural world. The majority of my work features animals, birds, insects and trees. All of my work is original; using pen and ink on handcrafted paper from India as well as traditional cartridge paper.

All images ©Richard Blenkinsop