Russell Millner

Now residing in the South Lakes, I’ve travelled widely over the last few years to take photographs. Having started with an old instamatic film camera as a child the west country, I really gave up on my photography in my early 20’s to concentrate on building my career. About 10 years ago I felt that Digital Photography had become both of good enough quality and also accessible enough to return to photography. Since then I’ve worked hard to develop my ‘style’. I’m now a full-time photographer with a primary interest that is always going to be wildlife, particularly the ‘endangered world’. But I also experiment a lot with panoramic landscape formats, both from a terrestrial viewpoint, but also with aerial images by drone. Recently this has involved adventures such as camping on the ice of Northern Canada to photograph Polar Bear cubs, or bivouacking on Blencathra for sunrise by drone!

I self-print up to A3 but also present images in much larger formats, usually as commissions, through various print-houses. These can be onto aluminium or behind acrylic glass as two examples. I’ve had some of my Polar Bear images on magazine front covers and in national newspapers in recent times.

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